Shop No : Feastivities -The Food Court
Timings : 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Location : Second Floor

Papa Jhons -Pizza

Papa John's Pizza

Better Ingredients, Better Pizza !

"a little extra...Pepperoncini...little extra Garlic Sauce...a little extra...a little extra...Everything we do...we just try to do it a little bit better..." - John Schnatter (a.k.a. Papa John).

Papa John's is the world's 3rd largest pizza company and is known the world over for it's delicious and superior-quality pizzas. Why are they superior? You tell us...try one. We make our pizzas with purified mineral water and fresh dough each morning and import only premium ingredients...Olives from Spain...Pepperoncini from Italy...Tomatoes from California...yum... 

We never compromise on quality. Why? Simple. Because Better ingredients make better pizza...and Papa John believes you deserve the best. 
With 20 outlets now in India, Papa John's Pizza is happy to be able to share our love of good food with this foodie nation. :-)
Eat our pizzas fresh, hot and yummy. Taste and enjoy the difference. 

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