Location – 4th Floor

Daily, from 11:00am to 9:30pm


As one of India’s top multiplex chains, INOX operates 651 screens in 154 multiplexes across 69 cities of India. The entertainment venture of the renowned INOX Group, the company started its journey in 2002 from its 1st multiplex in Bund Gardens Pune and now entertains 70 million guests across the country annually. In the process, INOX has set high benchmarks of ‘Luxury’, ‘Service’ and ‘Technology’ in the cinema exhibition industry. INOX also maintains a sharp focus on F&B and architectural design to stay ahead on the ‘Experience’ curve. INOX has curated a lot of F&B concepts, cuisines and menu options. INOX’s focus is on developing captivating architectural designs to make the multiplexes look aspirational and also complete the ‘Experience’ promise. Driven by its passion to improvise unremittingly and deliver moments which may be treasured by patrons, INOX is committed towards operating a sustainable, responsible, and profitable business venture and attain new levels of operational brilliance.