Location – 2nd Floor

Daily, from 11:00am to 9:30pm

Latt Liv

This is the story of a woman named Ying and her husband Shengqiang. Ying started her career as a fashion designer, while Shengqiang worked in the tourist industry. They met and fell in love. As a young couple, brimming with hopes and passion, they followed their dreams and traveled to a new city and opened their first clothing store. With Ying’s creative talent and Shengqiang’s capability to build a huge network, the business grew! They decorated the store with house inventory items to create a homely feeling in the clothing store. To everyone’s surprise, customers came not only to buy clothes but surprisingly also asked if they could buy the shop-decoration items too! Thus, a new idea was born and a brand-new store full of affordable, carefully selected household items, came into existence!

On 9th June 2017, LÄTT LIV signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Jade Invest, the global famous investment company from Sweden, and marched into overseas expansion. We worked together to improve branding, talent introduction, and resource integration.